We’re changing payments for the better. Simplifying what has become a jargonised process and offering a smoother, faster experience for our customers. Maximising payment acceptance with a suite of solutions aimed at improving the customer experience. With solutions such as Account Updater, Omni-channel and more all in one place. Our technology is also purpose-built in-house to solve real problems – and help your business thrive.

Products available with Cashflows

Cashflows features

Free access to acquirer portal

Reconciliation is key for any merchants, having your own portal to log into and get information from is very important, this bank offers a portal for you to do this.

Help line

No PCI Compliance Fees

Compliance fees. Aaaaah! Well this acquirer doesn't charge them.

Smart Terminal

This package comes with a top of the range smart terminal. Check out the products page to explore all of the features of these devices.

No Moto Charges

Do you take lots of payments over the phone and are being hit by extra non qualified charges? - not with this option! No extra Moto fees with this account!

GPRS and Wifi Terminal

These terminals come with a SIM card for those occasions where Wifi is not available. There is no extra cost for your this SIM card

Net Settlement

A Net Settlement is the amount businesses can expect to receive minus any deductions, such as transaction fees, chargebacks, and refunds.