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Elavon is a trusted leader in the merchant services industry, offering safe and speedy payment solutions to businesses worldwide. Its comprehensive range of payment processing options means merchants can take payments anywhere – online, face to face, by mail or over the phone. But Elavon backs this up with a strong focus on security and on reliable customer support, ensuring businesses can process payments with confidence. By partnering with Elavon, merchants gain access to advanced technology and seamless payment experiences from a reputable industry leader.

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AIB (Allied Irish Banks) is a leading financial institution that offers comprehensive merchant services to businesses across various industries. Merchants choose to work with AIB for their extensive market expertise and trusted reputation in the banking sector. With AIB, merchants benefit from a wide range of payment solutions, including card processing, mobile payments, and online transactions, allowing them to cater to diverse customer preferences. AIB's robust infrastructure and advanced technology ensure secure and reliable payment processing, giving merchants peace of mind. Additionally, AIB's dedicated support team provides personalized assistance, helping merchants optimize their payment systems and enhance the overall customer experience. With AIB, merchants have a reliable partner for their payment needs, backed by a trusted and established financial institution.

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Trust Payments

Trust Payments is an award-winning leader in fintech powering truly innovative customer commerce solutions. It provides on-demand payments and commerce services to help businesses grow and scale online, in-store, and on mobile. Handle all your business transactional needs with Trust Payments’ extensive offerings including acquiring, gateways, POS terminals, open banking accounts, loyalty management and instant eCommerce – all backed with 24/7 customer service. Focusing on any commerce providers in the UK, EU and US, Trust Payments drives value for merchants through personalised services, secure and frictionless payments, and innovative products.


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emerchantpay is a leading global payment service provider and acquirer for online, mobile, in-store and over the phone payments. Our global payments solution is available through a simple integration, offering a diverse range of features, including global acquiring, global and local payment methods, advanced fraud management and performance optimisation. We empower businesses to design seamless and engaging payment experiences for their consumers.

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Worldpay is a prominent player in the global payments industry, known for its extensive payment solutions and robust infrastructure. Merchants choose Worldpay for its wide range of payment processing options, including online payments, in-store transactions, and mobile payments. With a solid reputation for reliability, security, and global reach, Worldpay provides merchants with the tools and support they need to streamline their payment processes and reach customers worldwide. By partnering with Worldpay, businesses can enhance their payment capabilities and offer seamless and convenient payment experiences to their customers.

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myPOS is a leading provider of innovative payment solutions, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes. With their user-friendly and versatile payment devices, myPOS offers merchants the flexibility to accept payments anywhere, anytime. They provide a range of payment options, including card payments, mobile wallets, and online transactions, enabling merchants to serve customers seamlessly across multiple channels. Merchants choose myPOS for their competitive pricing, fast and secure transactions, and reliable customer support. With a strong presence in the market, myPOS is trusted by businesses globally to simplify their payment processes and improve their cash flow.

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RYVYL is a leading payment solutions provider known for its tailored and reliable services. They specialize in delivering seamless payment experiences, advanced fraud prevention, and comprehensive reporting. Merchants choose RYVYL for their commitment to customer satisfaction, cutting-edge technology, and competitive pricing. With scalable solutions and a focus on efficiency, RYVYL helps merchants optimize their payment processes and drive business growth.

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Total Processing

Total Processing is a trusted name in the payment processing industry, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. With their advanced technology and secure payment gateway, Total Processing enables merchants to accept payments seamlessly and efficiently. They have established themselves as a reliable partner, providing competitive rates, transparent pricing, and dedicated customer support. Merchants choose Total Processing for their commitment to data security, simplified integration process, and customizable solutions that cater to diverse business requirements. By partnering with Total Processing, businesses gain access to a robust payment platform that helps them optimize their transactions and deliver a seamless payment experience to their customers.

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PSP Angels

PSP Angels is a prominent player in the payment solutions market, specializing in providing tailored merchant services to businesses of all sizes. They have established a strong position by offering comprehensive payment solutions that address the unique needs of merchants across various industries. PSP Angels stands out for their personalized approach, taking the time to understand the specific requirements and challenges faced by their clients. Merchants choose to work with PSP Angels for their commitment to exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and advanced payment technologies. With a focus on building long-term relationships, PSP Angels provides reliable payment solutions that help businesses streamline their transactions, improve cash flow, and enhance the overall customer experience.


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With Pixxles, businesses can enjoy the benefits of multi-currency acceptance, real-time data insights, and a user-friendly dashboard for efficient account management. As an authorized E-Money Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Pixxles ensures a secure and compliant payment environment. Let Pixxels help you expand your business, provide seamless payment experiences, and grow together.

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We’re changing payments for the better. Simplifying what has become a jargonised process and offering a smoother, faster experience for our customers. Maximising payment acceptance with a suite of solutions aimed at improving the customer experience. With solutions such as Account Updater, Omni-channel and more all in one place. Our technology is also purpose-built in-house to solve real problems – and help your business thrive.

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