With Pixxles, businesses can enjoy the benefits of multi-currency acceptance, real-time data insights, and a user-friendly dashboard for efficient account management. As an authorized E-Money Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Pixxles ensures a secure and compliant payment environment. Let Pixxels help you expand your business, provide seamless payment experiences, and grow together.


About Pixxles

Pixxles is a versatile payment platform that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital realm. Their offerings include:

Global Payment Processing: Connect the Pixxles payment platform to your website to enable customers to pay in over 100+ currencies, facilitating seamless global transactions.

Virtual Terminal: With the Pixxles payment platform, access a Virtual Terminal to process payments for mail or telephone orders. You can also send invoices to customers and generate reports for easy tracking.

Expanded Services: Scale your payment acceptance capabilities with Pixxles by adding functionalities such as recurring billing for subscription-based services and mobile payment acceptance on iOS™ and Android™ devices.

Fraud Prevention: Pixxles incorporates a rules-based fraud prevention tool to stay ahead of fraudulent activities, ensuring secure transactions and protecting your business and customers.

Real-Time Account Updater Service: Utilize the Real-Time Account Updater Service to access updated cardholder data from participating card issuers, preventing service interruption and minimizing failed transactions.

Hassle-Free Integration: Pixxles offers hassle-free integration with popular shopping carts, making it easy to integrate their payment platform into your website.