Opayo Vitrual Terminal

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Opayo Vitrual Terminal

About the Opayo Vitrual Terminal

Opayo is the new name for Sage Pay. They are one of the UK’s most trusted payments providers, helping businesses grow and accept payments from customers. In 2019, the gateway processed £40bn worth of card payments for over 50,000 merchants, online and in-store. 

The rebrand took place after an acquisition by Elavon – a big name in payments and a subsidiary of U.S. Bank. 

This great news means they can offer an even richer suite of services. Soon, merchants will be able to accept more payment types from customers; opening up greater opportunities to grow and creating better, more personalised experiences.

But some important aspects of the business won’t change at all. You’ll still enjoy the five-star service reflected in their Trustpilot ratings – with a knowledgeable team just a phone call away, at any time of the day or night. 

Opayo have always been proud of their security, reliability, and amazing customer support. And with the transformation into Opayo, we’re adding new levels of technological innovation – opening up our customers’ businesses to the world and everyone in it.